Books make great gifts!

Books make great gifts!

Cowboys and Indian Book 3: Specialist in the Field by Sandip V. Mathur, M.D.

Hot off the press, the third book in his Cowboys and Indian series finds Dr. Mathur still practicing in rural Texas but able to focus more on his specialty as an internist and gastroenterologist, dealing with massive internal bleeding, swallowed explosive batteries, cancerous growths, and other challenges.

The book’s cover cleverly captures the theme, showing Dr. Mathur out standing in the field.

We have plenty of autographed copies!


It Starts with Us by mega-bestselling Texas author Colleen Hoover is the paperback sequel to her popular novel It Ends with Us. Yes, that may seem out of order, but that’s how it is. If you haven’t read anything by Colleen Hoover, start with It Ends with Us, which we also have in stock, then end with It Starts with Us. 



If you’re into cookbooks, check out The Big Texas Cookbook from the editors at Texas Monthly magazine. Great down-home Texas recipes, beautifully illustrated with color photos.


For Elmer Kelton fans: Elmer Kelton’s The Unlikely Lawman is a prequel to his best-seller The Good Old Boys, which was made into a movie starring Tommie Lee Jones as Hewey Call0way. The new novel was actually written by Elmer’s son, Steve Kelton, but he did a good job capturing his father’s style and tone.

And there’s a new paperback edition of The Good Old Boys which includes the sequel The Smiling Country. You can read all three in chronological order – The Unlikely Lawman, The Good Old Boys, and The Smiling Country – and get to know Hewey Calloway very well.


Liturgies for Hope: Sixty Prayers for the Highs, the Lows, and Everything in Between is a book that will lift your spirits or help you deal with day-to-day challenges. The authors, Audrey Elledge and Elizabeth Moore, are active at Church of the City New York. Audrey is the granddaughter of Harold and Ann Elledge of Abilene, and Harold called our attention to the book, which has had some national TV exposure. We’ve had to reorder it a couple of times already. I’m giving my daughter a copy for Christmas.

Abilene Stories from Then to Now, which Jay Moore, Joe Specht, and I edited, is back in print in a new paperback edition. The book first came out in hardcover in 2013. It contains about 100 Abilene stories by about 75 different writers. If I had to recommend one book about Abilene, this would be my pick. Autographed copies, of course.


I don’t have the slightest grain of humility in touting my own new book, Just Happy to Be Here: Words to Encourage, Enlighten, Entertain. The pieces – some serious, some light, some both – are short and cover a wide range of topics. I think you’ll find something that will make you laugh, or maybe think about in a different way.