ABC’s of Aggieland

ABC’s of Aggieland


The ABC’s of Aggieland:

An Alphabet Exploration of Texas A&M University’s Most Cherished Traditions

By Cameron O’Connell, Illustrated by Carolyn Jarecki

Writer Cameron O’Connell (A&M ’07) and artist Carolyn Jarecki (A&M ’19) have teamed up to produce The ABC’s of Aggieland, a full-size hardcover children’s book passing along their love for the traditions at Texas A&M University ($24.95).

A, of course, is for Aggie. G is for gig ’em. H is for Howdy. F is not for football, but there are several football references throughout the book.  Maybe the most creative is X. What do you do for X? Well, X is for XII, the 12th Man tradition.

Full color, 9×11.5,” 32 pages.