Breakfast at Honey Creek Cafe

Breakfast at Honey Creek Cafe


Breakfast at the Honey Creek Cafe

by Jodi Thomas

Thomas’ new novel, Breakfast at the Honey Creek Cafékicks off a new series set in the fictional Central Texas community of Honey Creek, where Mayor Piper Jane Mackenzie finds herself in the middle of a potential scandal, and an undercover state trooper is sent in to protect her.

            Meanwhile, a firefighter-turned-preacher arrives in town to serve as interim pastor of the community church while trying to get over the death of his one true love.

            And two high school seniors who don’t seem to have anything in common find themselves inexplicably drawn to each other.

            Jodi pulls together three quirky romances into one fine small-town tale.

Paperback, 5.5×8″, 312 pages.