Cowboys and Indian: 3 volumes by Dr. Sandip Mathur

Cowboys and Indian: 3 volumes by Dr. Sandip Mathur


Book 1: Cowboys and Indian: A Doctor’s First Year in Texas

Book 2: Cowboys and Indian II: The Great British Hospital of Texas

Book 3: Cowboys and Indian III: Specialist in the Field

By Sandip V. Mathur, M.D.

BOOK 1: Dr. Sandip Mathur has written a book about his first year of practicing medicine in Texas. Dr. Mathur was born in India, and trained in London and Houston before arriving in a rural West Texas town. “Cowboys and Indian: A Doctor’s First Year in Texas” provides plenty of humor, drama and cultural insights. The book is a hybrid fictionalized memoir, with fast-paced scenes from the emergency room at the rural hospital where Mathur dealt with life and death situations beginning on his very first day in the community.

6×9″, 276 pages, paperback. New edition, published in 2021 by TCU Press.

BOOK 2: Dr. Mathur has written a second book about practicing medicine in a remote Texas hospital. Dr. Mathur, an Indian doctor trained in London and Houston, finds himself working with a male nurse from Britain. They use their limited resources to treat emergency room patients with varied issues. The heartwarming and often humorous stories reflect the lives of the patients and providers, giving the reader a unique understand of medical professionals and the procedures in an ER clinic. The book illustrates the risks and rewards of practicing medicine in an underserved part of the country.

This memoir continues the saga from Dr. Mathur’s first book, Cowboys and Indian: A Doctor’s First Year in Texas, and includes a prologue to update the reader.

6×9″, 340 pages, paperback.

BOOK 3: Dr. Mathur’s third book details his shift from general medicine to his specialty and treatment of a new set of emergencies — internal bleeding, swallowing batteries, cancerous growths and other challenges. He faced skepticism and derision from his rivals in the big city and his plans to move there were blocked.  He adapted an unconventional strategy to persevere and remain a specialist in the field.

6×9″, 298 pages, paperback.

Dr. Mathur is an internist and gastroenterologist, and lives with his wife Mishi in Abilene.