Faith, Fervor and Fun

Faith, Fervor and Fun


Faith, Fervor and Fun

The Life and Legacy of Dr. Don Newbury, Howard Payne University’s Popcorn President

By Loretta Fulton

            Loretta Fulton tells the story of former Howard Payne University President Dr. Don Newbury (the “Popcorn President”) in an excellent new biography, Faith, Fervor and Fun. Autographed copies are available at Texas Star Trading ($20 paperback).

The book includes a foreword by Dr. Lanny Hall and a section of comments by about two dozen of Newbury’s colleagues, friends, and family.

Fulton begins at the beginning, when Newbury was born on Sept. 7, 1937 – “the nation was still in the grips of the Great Depression and on the cusp of entering World War II.”

“The signs were there early in Don’s life,” she writes, “of what that grown man would look like. The sense of humor, the smarts, the work ethic, the love of people and conversation, the gift of storytelling, the optimism – all those traits began to emerge as

Don was growing up.”

In seven fast-paced chapters, Fulton takes Newbury from Humble Beginnings to Student Years at HPU to Sports & Journalism to Building a College System to Mr. President: Snyder Years to Saving His Alma Mater to Life After the Presidency.

Newbury, who now lives in Burleson, remains active as a humorous and inspirational speaker and a newspaper columnist, having recently published his one thousandth column.

Paperback, 130 pages, 6×9,” includes color and black-and-white photographs.

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