Find-It Game

Find-It Game


Find-It Games — a game you’ll never have to put away!

Twist it, shake it,  spin it … it’s fun!

Each Contained Adventure™ comes filled with brightly colored plastic pellets in which to search for themed hidden objects.  Each tube is secured on both ends with wood or color-coordinated plastic caps.  All games have the items listed on a capped end and come with a tear-off pad to check off items as they are found.  Each game is individually packaged in an attractive, easy-to-gift-wrap box.

And this is a game that won’t leave tiny pieces scattered among the carpet!

Colorful kids’ version has an assortment of tiny objects hidden among the brightly colored pellets. You’ll find letter blocks, a balloon, an eraser, a penny … and lots more! Glitz & Glamour, Zoo and Sports versions have unique pieces as well.

Suitable for ages 8 and up.

Made in the USA.

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