GI Jerky

GI Jerky


GI Jerky labels itself as “military grade” and “veteran made.”

The idea for GI Jerky was born in 2015 in Fort Bragg, N.C., by a group of service men. Eventually the company made a move to Mineral Wells, Texas, and is growing by leaps and bounds.

This high quality beef jerky meets all USDA standards. All of the jerky is sliced, smoked and then bagged in a USDA facility. When you open a bag of GI Jerky, you can be sure that you are eating the highest quality jerky  that money can buy!

Each bag is 4 oz. and ready to eat.

Hellfire — Serious heat — the hottest GI Jerky offers.

Fire Mission — Fire Mission is not for the faint of heart. The sweet and spicy flavor comes at you like a hot round from an artillery battery. The explosion of flavor, the kick from the three pepper blend, and slight brown sugar sweetness will have you reaching for a reload.

Garlic Grenade — Garlic Grenade is a fantastic blend of garlic and black pepper that is sure to please the taste buds. Pull the pin and get ready for a flavor explosion.

Tactical Teriyaki — Slightly sweet and fully delicious! Teriyaki is a classic flavor and is a fan favorite. Not only will it make you look like more of a total badass, the good news is that it will fit in your favorite 5.11 cargo pocket.

Locked & Loaded Lemon Pepper — A savory lemon pepper jerky. Delicious.


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