Hank the Cowdog #80

Hank the Cowdog #80


Hank the Cowdog series — #80

By John Erickson

“The Secret Sleeping Powder Files”

In the 80th installment of the beloved Hank the Cowdog series, Erickson writes how “no self respecting Head of Ranch Security” would be caught dead sleeping on the job! Slim catches Hank asleep — and Hank knows something sinister is afoot. He immediately suspects Pete the Barncat.

But the mystery deepens when Hank finds out Pete has been missing for two days!

Is Sinister the Bobcat to blame? Read this book and find out.

The Hank series is usually marketed to young readers of chapter books, but adults enjoy the series, too. In fact, when John first started writing Hank the Cowdog stories, they were written for adults!