Mack Eplen’s Best Kept Secrets Vol. 2

Mack Eplen’s Best Kept Secrets Vol. 2


Eplen Family Recipes — The Final Chapter

by Terri Eplen-Kleen

Seventy-four pages of recipes and memories in this second volume of famed Abilene, Texas, caterer and restaurateur Mack Eplen.

The spiral-bound soft-cover cookbook includes recipes for appetizers, salads, breads, main dishes and sides and desserts.

Enjoy recipes for Mack’s Pink Salad, Helen’s Guacamole Dip, Mack’s King Ranch Casserole, Mack’s Beef & Cheese Enchiladas, variations of the famous Drivateria’s Squareburger, Mack’s Lemon Chess Pie, Mack’s Pineapple Coconut Pie and Helen’s Forgotten Cookies.