Pencils for … A Good Laugh!

Pencils for … A Good Laugh!


Funny pencils in sets of 8 appeal to a wide range of folks. We have sets for Nurses, Grammar Police,  Procrastinators and Gravestone Ideas.

Most are colorful (although Gravestone are appropriately black) — just your standard wooden pencils with erasers. But funnier!

Pencils for Nurses — Scrub Life, I’m not a waiter, No I didn’t want to be a doctor, Remember sitting down?, I look tired because I am … and more!

Pencils for Grammar Police — You lost me at “Your Beautiful”, Punctuation Saves Lives, Oxford Comma til I Die, Silently Correcting Your Grammar … and more!

Pencils for Procrastinators — I’ll sharpen this later, I’ll study after I clean, I have to finish this Netflix series first, I’ll find a use for this pencil tomorrow … and more!

Pencils for Gravestone Ideas — I told you I was sick, I had to die to get you to visit?, I’m dead blah blah blah, I never liked Game of Thrones … and more!

Boomers vs. Millennials — Boomers ruined everything … Mystery meat on a stick! … OK Boomer … Millennials are snowflakes … and more!

Cat People — My cat hates you … Grumpy cat Never forget! … What’s one more cat? … Did someone say free kittens? … and more!

Dog People — Woof … I was talking to the dog, not you … It was the dog I swear … Can I bring my dog? … Dogs then people … and more!

The Office — I found this in the toilet … That’s what she said … Try turning it off and on again … Comic sans kills … and more!

Passive Aggressive — That’s so nice for you … I’m sorry you’re so sensitive … I’m not mad … Whatever …I prefer pens but this is fine … and more!

Perfect stocking stuffers or silly friend gifts.

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