Texan Ranch Life

Texan Ranch Life



Texan Ranch Life

by Mary J. Jaques

English traveler Mary Jaques wrote a charming, vividly detailed account of her two-year stay in Texas, with side trips to Canada and Mexico.

J. Frank Dobie once claimed that “the English write our best Western books,” and Jaques’ account bears him out. Out of print for many years, this collector’s classic will delight, inform, entertain and amuse.

Jacques was so taken with Texas that she bought a 25-acre spread with a one-roomed cottage. She entered frontier life with gusto, writing about berry picking, coon hunts, camp meetings, weddings, funerals and more. She vividly describes the countryside, crops and wildlife.

This hardcover facsimile reprint of the 1894 edition is a valuable resource on early Texas life. Published in 1989 by Texas A&M University Press. 364 pages.

These bargain books are brand new, most still shrink-wrapped.  No longer available through the publisher in hardcover.