Texas “Correct” Calendar 2022-23

Texas “Correct” Calendar 2022-23


The “Texas Correct” Calendar begins on March 2, 2022 … Texas Independence Day! This “Bona Fide Original Real Texas Calendar” still gives you 12 months of planning … the only difference is that it begins on March 2! Filled with Texas history, fun facts and entertaining cartoons. Perfect for your office wall. Created by Texan Roger Moore. And don’t worry that you’re getting shorted … the calendar continues through March 1, 2023. Calendar pages measure 8.5×11 inches.

A few examples of some of the fun facts you’ll learn from this calendar:

— March 19, 1840: Peace talks between the Comanches and Texas government turn into a fight.

— April 30, 1933: Country star Willie Nelson is born in Abbott.

— A barrel of oil went for 3 cents in 1902.

— September 30, 1830: Jim Bowie becomes a Mexican citizen.

— Oct. 4, 1876: Texas A&M opened with 40 students and a faculty of 6 men.

And much more!


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