The Book of Lost Friends

The Book of Lost Friends


The Book of Lost Friends — 20% OFF!

By Lisa Wingate

            In The Book of Lost Friends, Lisa Wingate weaves the stories of two young women more than a century apart: a teen-age former slave searching for her family in 1875, and a first-year teacher struggling to find a way to connect with her students in an impoverished rural school in Louisiana in 1987.

            Nearly three years after the publication of her best-selling novel Before We Were Yours, Wingate returns with another gripping human drama revolving around families torn apart by slavery (Ballantine Books, $28 hardcover – 20 percent off at Texas Star).

            Hannie Gossett was barely six years old when she and her mother and siblings were auctioned off to various slave owners in the latter years of the Civil War.  Ten years later she sets off on a dangerous quest that takes her from Louisiana to West Texas hoping to find her lost family. Her story is told in alternating chapters with that of young English teacher Benedetta “Benny” Silva, more than a hundred years later. 

            How do these two lives intersect? Wingate keeps the reader anxiously moving back and forth from 1875 to 1987 in search of an answer.