The Cornett-Whitley Gang — 20% off

The Cornett-Whitley Gang — 20% off


The Cornett-Whitley Gang: Violence Unleashed in Texas

By David Johnson

During the late 1880s, the Cornett-Whitley gang rose on the Texas scene with a daring train robbery at McNeil Station, just miles from the Texas capital. The gang turned violent and tortured passengers that earned them international recognition and infamy. The gang destroyed, temporarily, a Texas Ranger company, tarnished reputations and claimed lives.

But the legacy of the gang is not all evil. Private enterprises, such as Wells Fargo, the railroads and numerous banks, joined forces with law enforcement to combat them.

Readers of the Old West and true crime stories will appreciate this tale.

284 pages, 6×9″ hardcover nonfiction. Includes index, numerous lists and notes and list of primary characters. Regular price $29.95. Now $23.96.