The Last Homecoming

The Last Homecoming


Wes Gorman brought in his hefty novel, The Last Homecoming, which he calls a Texas Gothic  Tale ($15.99 paperback), set on a fictional family ranch near Abilene.

Best-selling novelist and creative writing professor Sean O’Bryan, who is going through a divorce soon after his father’s death, is invited to visit his 80-year-old Uncle Emmet on the O’Bryan ranch. Immediately he feels at home and decides to stay awhile.

But he soon encounters some very strange things occurring at the ranch – weird dreams, a ghostly soldier figure, telephones ringing that no one can find. And all of them seem to involve family secrets his uncle is reluctant to share.

The novel is an upbeat tale of love, family and friendship, but it also has an overriding supernatural element.

537 pages, paperback.