Windshield History

Windshield History



Driving from Fort Worth to Abilene? Or from Abilene to Fort Worth?


Pop one of these CDs into your car stereo and re-live history. Volume I covers the drive from Fort Worth to Abilene – you’ll feel like you’re in the world’s largest history museum as you hear tales of pioneers, cowboys, Indians and buffalo hunters. This audio tour of the Texas Frontier from Fort Worth to Abilene via US Hwy. 180 and Texas Hwy. 351. The top-notch recording includes tales of Quanah Parker, Camp Wolters, Mineral Wells’ healing waters, cedar choppers, pump jacks and much more on 25 separate tracks.

VOLUME II offers tales of the Texas Frontier from Abilene to Fort Worth via Interstate 20. Learn about Buffalo Gap and the “Future Great” city of Abilene, camping out with Robert Clyde, Conrad Hilton and Santa bandits, Old Rip in Eastland and the roaring Ranger boom town. You’ll also hear fascinating stories about Thurber, the Brazos, Parker County, Willow Park and finally, Fort Worth.

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