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If you're a fan of jerky, you are sure to love these new options from Abilene's own Absolutely World Class. Four new flavors of jerky available:

Traditional Western Beef- Special cut beef jerky seasoned with a combination of barbecue rub and a special rub, this jerky is tender and is our most popular/best seller! 3 oz. pkg.

Barbecue Beef - Special cut beef jerky marinated in our signature house flavored barbecue sauce, this jerky is tender and very flavorful. 3 oz. pkg. OUT OF STOCK

Western BBQ Bacon - Slow smoked uncured bacon seasoned with grandma's special barbecue rub, if you love bacon and barbecue than this is a must try. 2 oz. pkg.

Jalapeno Bacon - Slow smoked uncured bacon marinated with fresh ground jalapenos and seasoned with jalapeno powder, this jerky has a nice kick.! 2 oz. pkg.

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