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Team First Wins by Julie Goodenough

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Anticipating that 2018-19 was going to be a special season, Abilene Christian University women’s basketball coach Julie Goodenough was encouraged to keep a journal recording her thoughts as the season progressed. What a season it turned out to be, with ACU winning the Southland Conference tournament and advancing to the NCAA Division1 tournament for the first time in school history.

“Team First Wins is our mantra and philosophy,” Goodenough told her players at the beginning of the season, so it is fitting that that is the title of her book. Goodenough’s enthusiasm, faith, discipline, encouragement, respect, and love come through clearly in her candid first-hand account of a remarkable year, on and off the court.

$14.95 paperback, 152 pages, published by the Center for Building Community, ACU

Price: $14.95

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