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West Texas Stories

Edited by Glenn Dromgoole

This collection of West Texas Stories includes more than three dozen pieces -- historical, nostalgic, dramatic, amusing, persona -- by some of the state's best writers. For instance:

  • Meet a man who lived with an arrowhead in his stomach for 15 years
  • Experience a West Texas sandstorm and a killer tornado
  • Enjoy the simple pleasures of days when kids played outside and childhood obesity wasn't a problem
  • Hear classical piano sounds emerging from a tent in the middle of the oil patch
  • Learn how the game of 42 came about because of a religious loophole
  • Read a victim's first-hand account of a stagecoach robbery ... and much more!

Writers featured in this collection include Leon Hale, T. Lindsay Baker, Sallie Reynolds Matthews, Elroy Bode, Carlton Stowers, John Erickson, Red Steagall, Elmer Kelton, Jerry Flemmons and others.

208 pages, paperback, 5x8"

Price: $15.99

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