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Battles of Texas

Texian Press, Various Authors

Published in 1966 as part of a series on Texas history by the Texian Press in Waco, Battles of Texas is a collection of eight essays about some of the more significant Texas battles that had an impact on Texas history – The Alamo, Goliad, San Jacinto, The Neches, Plum Creek, Palo Alto, Sabine Pass and Adobe Walls. We have acquired several of the volumes in the handsome Texian Press series, including Capitols of Texas, Indian Tribes of Texas, Six Missions of Texas, Heroes of Texas and Soldiers of Texas, all with beautiful color plates and bargain priced at $10. This series should be of special interest to history buffs and book collectors.

Hardcover, 8 ½ by 11, 160 pages, 10 color plates

Bargain Price, $10

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