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Smurglets Are Everywhere

Poems by Alan Birkelbach

Illustrations by Susan J. Halbower

Smurglets are funny little creatures found in one of Birkelbach's poems in this book titled "They're Everywhere!" And the cute little creatures are found throughout the book, and they will definitely tickle your funny bone!

The 2005 Poet Laureate of Texas (Birkelbach) has compiled a collection of some of his wonderful poems that are delightful for children and adults.  A few titles:

Ogres Hate Okra

I've Lost My Blue Galoopa

Caveman Frozen in the Ice!

Tom Pterodactyl

Lizard Trouble

The Exhausted Woodpecker (one of our favorites!)

and lots more!

Hardcover, 48 pages, colorful illustrations. Regularly $19.95. Our price $8

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