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Texas Star Trading Co. » Store » Texas Books » Childrens' Books » Little Birder: A Field Guide to Birds of the Alphabet

Little Birder: A Field Guide to Birds of the Alphabet

Written and illustrated by Jessalyn Claire Beasley -- native Texan and now of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

"Little Birder" is a beautifully illustrated book , filled with colorful, original art and informative facts about birds. Beginning with A is for American Kestrel, and ending with Z is for Zone-Tailed Hawk, the book is packed with information. This colorful field guide introduces 26 birds, with bold illustrations and playful descriptions that capture the essence of each bird.

In addition to all these details, the book includes a diagram of "Parts of a bird," tips for observation in the field, a guide for adults and younger birders, tips on how to draw a bird, a birdwatcher's journal, a list of reference material and other resources.

8x10 hardcover book, 60 pages. Autographed copies available.

Price: $25.99

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