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Texas Star Trading Co. » Store » Texas Gifts » For the Home » Antiseptic Rub & Scrub Combo

The brand new rub & scrub combo pack from Fredericksburg Farms features our two best personal hygiene products! Texas-made hand soap leaves your skin clean and is gentle enough to use all day. But if your on-the-go lifestyle doesn’t keep you by a sink all day, you probably have a bottle of hand sanitizer. Our antiseptic hand rub is 80% alcohol, like many of the big brands you’re used to, but also has aloe vera gel and essential oils for plant-based moisturizing and fragrance! We’ve got you covered in the bathroom, in the car, and wherever else life takes you.

Rosemary Mint Scent. Each non-breakable bottle with pump contains 8 oz. Made in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Price: $22.00

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