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Texas Star Trading Co. » Store » Texas Gourmet » Gourmet Specialties » Fredericksburg Farms Dip Mix Packets

Fredericksburg Farms has created some delicious little mix packets that are delicious to serve and easy to give! Choose from:

Homemade Hearty Salsa -- Medium heat, just add fresh tomatoes or diced tomatoes and it's ready to go as a dip. Ingredients include onion, salt, chile pepper, jalapeno pepper, spices, garlic and cilantro. Packet also includes instructions for a spread or a rub. Gluten free, .75 oz.

Victory Garden Vegetable Dip -- Medium heat, add sour cream and mayo to make a delicious dip! Also directions for making a low-fat version, as well as a recipe for Awesome Pinwheels. Ingredients include dehydrated veggies, onion, jalapeno, salt and garlic. Gluten free, .75 oz.

San Jacinto Spinach Dip -- Mild, flavorful dip using sour cream and mayo. Also instructions for a spread or low-fat dip. Ingredients include onion, red and green bell pepper, spices, sugar, spinach, carrot, salt and garlic. Recipe for Pinwheels included, as well as serving suggestions. Gluten free, 1 oz.

Longhorn Dip -- Medium heat, just add sour cream and mayo for a tasty treat. Also instructions for making a low-fat version, a spread, salad dressing or rub. Ingredients include onion, crushed red pepper, salt, garlic, parsley, spices and sugar. Recipe for Confetti Crackers included. Gluten free, 1 oz.

These packets are attractively packaged ... order several to slip into a gift ... or to store in your pantry for parties.

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