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New Canaan Farms of Dripping Springs, Texas, serves up a delicious array of jams and jellies. Handcrafted in 8 oz. jars. Choose from:

Brazos River Blackberry Jam -- Juicy whole blackberries combine to serve up delightfully on toast or even vanilla ice cream!

Cactus Sangria Jelly -- A sparkle of Sangria wine plus orange zest makes a surprisingly good biscuit treat!

Cherry Preserves -- Sweet ripe cherries make a perfect topping for cheesecake, frozen yogurt, or spread on a breakfast bagel.  TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

Country Apple Butter -- Rich-tasting, dense and flavored with cinnamon. TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

East Texas Blueberry Jam -- Full of juicy and antioxidant-rich blueberries.

Fredericksburg Peach Jam -- This Hill Country peach jam is kettle-simmered for old-world flavor. OUT OF STOCK.

Lemon Fig Jam -- Light amber Conadria figs are simmered with sliced lemon for a fantastic flavor balance and eye appeal.

Old Austin Apricot Jam -- An outstanding glaze for pork chops, served on biscuits or as a special flavor for hot tea.

Pepper Bacon Relish -- Sweet bell peppers combined with tender bacon bits. Savor it with ham or scoop into halved pears, or add to baked potatoes or baked beans. OUT OF STOCK

Raspberry Jalapeno Jelly -- Perfect for marinating grilled chicken, or stir into shredded pork, onion, garlic and bell pepper.  A delicious appetizer when topping a square of cream cheese. OUT OF STOCK

Strawberry Almond Jam -- Whole strawberries simmered with natural almond flavoring. OUT OF STOCK

Texas Red Plum Jam -- Rich flavor that makes a terrific addition to a plum or apple crumble. We love it on a hot biscuit!



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