Abilene author’s novel features retired Texas Ranger

Abilene author’s novel features retired Texas Ranger

By Glenn Dromgoole

             Wes Gorman, Abilene High English teacher, has written his second novel, Muley Cow Creek, and it’s a winner. My wife Carol and I both enjoyed reading it.

The story revolves around retired Texas Ranger Captain Will Samuels, enjoying life as a part-time Big Country rancher until a teenage girl dies mysteriously in a car wreck at Muley Cow Creek and fellow ranchers begin losing cattle to a suspected ring of rustlers.

It appears to the father of the dead girl that she was pushed off the road, but the sheriff arbitrarily rules it an accident. With wife Christine’s support, Will “unretires” to investigate the cases when the sheriff not only won’t look into them but also is seen in the company of a notorious ex-con Will helped send to prison.

Two honest deputies provide inside information – and other local characters offer their perspectives — as Will sets about methodically compiling evidence.

At home, Will and Christine are dealing with their grown daughter’s turbulent love life and their son’s questionable musical ambitions.

Throughout this wholesome, uplifting, well-written tale, Gorman creates characters you really want to root for, as well as some bad guys who maybe aren’t so bad after all, and some who are.

Wes Gorman will be featured at a book signing at Texas Star Trading Company from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, August 5. He’ll also have copies of his debut novel, The Last Homecoming, which came out three years ago.