Bronwyn Bowen has more to say

      Abilene friends of Bronwyn Bowen will be happy to learn that she has published another excellent collection of essays called Still Got Something to Say. Autographed copies ($15 paperback) are available at Texas Star.

It’s a follow-up to Bronwyn’s first book, Laughing All the Way: A Lucky Life.

Bronwyn, a longtime Abilenian now living in Austin, has several pieces in the book that refer to her Abilene days, including “Growing Up in Abilene.” She was quite involved here in a number of civic causes, including AIDS prevention and English as a Second Language classes.

But her experiences in life extend far beyond Texas. As she writes in her opening piece, “A Life,” she has seen the Northern Lights, known monks, sat atop a pyramid in the jungle, met with a prime minister, gone out with a gunfighter, seen a desert sunrise from atop a camel, and witnessed 9-11’s falling towers.

Her life, she writes, has been “mostly mundane… but graced with moments of the extraordinary.”


More Texas Stories


  1. F. Strong has published a second volume of Stories from Texas: Some of Them Are True ($124.99 paperback).

Like his first book, the second volume is filled with compelling pieces having to do with Texas history and culture. Most of them are taken from, or expanded on, his “Stories from Texas” radio series.

The stories are divided into 13 sections, including Classic Texas; Cowboys and Lawmen; Winners; Legends, Myths and Folklore; and Texas Lit, Lyrics and Language.

Lots of good stuff to read here. When I reviewed his first volume, I wrote, “Ever’ Texan oughta read this book.” Ditto on volume two. You’ll find something in here about Texas that you didn’t know.

“I endeavor to tell the truth, mostly,” Strong writes. “The only exceptions concern folklore and legends which are, by nature, stretched.”



Best Sellers


The top five best-selling books at Texas Star for 2022 had one thing in common – they all have a strong Abilene connection.

  1. Perini Ranch Steakhouse by Tom and Lisa Perini.
  2. Abilene Coloring Book illustrated by David Ingram.
  3. Cowboys and Indian 3: Specialist in the Field by Dr. Sandip Mathur.
  4. Cowboys and Indian 2: The Great British Hospital of Texas by Dr. Mathur.
  5. Just Happy to Be Here: Words to Encourage, Enlighten, Entertain by Glenn Dromgoole.

Of course, we have autographed copies of all these books (and many more) at Texas Star.


Start the new year reading a good book. Happy New Year.!