A Cloudless Sky

A Cloudless Sky


A Cloudless Sky

By Charles Russell

Russell’s newest book, “A Cloudless Sky,” is a sequel to “A Silver Lining in Every Cloud.”

Grace Ranker, whose husband died a year earlier, returns to Ruidoso and makes a decision that proves to be devastating to her and puts her entire family at risk.

Luke Ranker has returned home and is recovering from memories of Vietnam. He goes to Mexico on a mission that puts his life in danger, and would seem to be impossible to anyone but an ex-Marine. Jimmie Lynn Waddell has married Luke, and faces heartache and challenges.

A grandmother who cannot get over the loss of her husband, a young man who knows no fear and a lady who has suffered from a low self-image come together in a story set in the Texas Panhandle — bringing out the best in each.

370 pages, paperback. Fiction.