West Texas Christmas Stories

West Texas Christmas Stories


West Texas Christmas Stories

Edited by Glenn Dromgoole

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Christmas is a time for laughter and joy. Christmas is about faith and family and friendship, about Jesus and also Santa Claus, about giving and receiving, about anticipating and experiencing. And Christmas is about story-telling.

The stories here may bring a smile or a chuckle or find you wiping away a tear. Some will cause your mind to drift back to moments and memories catalogued deep within your soul. Some are fiction, others non-fiction, though in the spirit of Christmas it may not always be possible to separate one from the other, especially when it comes to story-telling.

Though diverse, the pieces in this book have a few things in common. Geography,  for one – they are either set in West Texas or written by West Texans. Length,  for another – none of these stories take very long to read. And finally, all are intended to help make Christmas a little more meaningful.

Contributors include A. C. Greene, Elmer Kelton, Jane Roberts Wood, Carlton Stowers, John Erickson, Tumbleweed Smith and 25 others – from all over West Texas.

5 ¼ by 8, 160 pages, $13.99 paperback.

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