Abilene History in Plain Sight DVDs

Abilene History in Plain Sight DVDs


Abilene History in Plain Sight is a DVD series focusing on various aspects of Abilene, Texas, history. Produced and narrated by local historian Jay Moore, the DVDs provide a glimpse into Abilene history. Thirteen titles are available:

Abilene 101: The History Every Abilenian Should Know About Our Hometown — Jay Moore entertains us once again by connecting us with our past. Through humor and interesting tales, Jay tells us many things that we should know but probably don’t. Filmed live at the Paramount Theatre in early May, 2024. 90 minutes.

Prettiest Town I’ve Ever Seen —  Jay Moore presents a look at what makes Abilene the prettiest town he has ever seen. Presented live at the Paramount Theatre in May, 2023.

Abilene in the ’20s and ’30s —  Jay Moore presents stories of Abilene in the 1920s and ’30s … a visual retelling of Abilene’s past in this witty, live presentation filmed at the historic Paramount Theatre. 90 minutes.

Abilene Beginnings — The story of how milepost 407 became Abilene, a story worth knowing. 25 minutes.

Abilene Dreams — Moore provides a quirkly look back at the dreams of past Abilenians — some that have come true and helped build the city, and others that are full of adventure, weird dreams and sweet dreams. Presented live at Abilene’s Paramount Theatre in March 2018. 90 minutes.

An Abilene Scrapbook — Jay Moore looks back at a variety of people and places that molded Abilene’s history. This DVD has an emphasis on two men who served our nation during World War II, one being Edwin Dyess, for whom Dyess Air Force Base is named, and another is Rudyard Kipling Grimes. There are other entertaining, humorous and poignant stories told throughout the 90-minute DVD.

Our Abilene in the ’50s and ’60s — Look back at places, faces and stories during the heyday of Abilene, and learn more about the Abilene you never knew. Learn about movie houses, restaurants, shopping centers and a city enjoying a new Air Force base, winning teams and civic improvements. 60 minutes.

The Bankhead Highway — America’s first paved, transcontinental highway passed right through Abilene. Learn about the legendary road and how it shaped towns along the way. 30 minutes.

Camp Barkeley — A citizen-led effort in 1940 resulted in a massive army training camp located nine miles from Abilene, vaulting Abilene out of the Great Depression. The impact of the camp remains. 30 minutes.

Fair Park of Abilene — Lions roaring at night, great football teams and early automobile races all took place at Fair Park in the center of Abilene. Even a youthful Elvis appeared! 30 minutes.

Forgotten Abilene — Knowing our collective past creates a sense of belonging. Moore presents hometown stories you have never heard. Recorded live at The Paramount Theatre in spring, 2017. 87 minutes.

Who is that Street? — Scores of Abilene’s streets are named for past citizens, but for many, the street is more well known than the person. 25 minutes.

Wooten: An Abilene Life — Horace Oliver Wooten lived a life characterized as the American dream. Arrived in Taylor County as a teen before Abilene was created, and would go on to build a business empire. 60 minutes.

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