Confessions of a Female Pastor

Confessions of a Female Pastor


Janice Six, retired associate pastor at Abilene’s First Central Presbyterian Church, has written Confessions of a Female Pastor and Other Prayers of the People.

The book ($16.99 paperback) is a collection of about 70 short essays, each one accompanied by a prayer.

The prayers are divided into seven sections – Confession, Adoration, Gratitude, Intercession, Prayers of the People, Petition, and Blessings and Benedictions.

Loretta Fulton, editor of the online faith forum Spirit of Abilene, writes: “Janice Six has the perfect combination of traits that go into making a great pastor – insight, empathy, scholarship, and the ability to succinctly express herself.”

Paperback, 5×8″ — 250 pages.