Hank the Cowdog: Cowboy Humor 1

Hank the Cowdog: Cowboy Humor 1


Confessions of a Cowdog and Other Cowboy Tales

By John Erickson

Beloved Hank the Cowdog author John Erickson has started a new series that actually goes back to the beginning of Hank’s incredible literary journey.

Confessions of a Cowdog and Other Cowboy Tales ($6.99 paperback) is the first book in his Cowboy Humor series. But it’s actually a repackaging of some of the stories he started with more than 40 years ago.

Two of those stories are “Confessions of a Cowdog: Part One” and “Confessions  of a Cowdog: Part Two.”

Erickson said he was reading/telling these stories, as a struggling writer, to anyone who would have him speak. He didn’t always include a Hank story in his repertoire, but one day, speaking to the Perryton Rotary Club, he read “Confessions of a Cowdog.” After the program one club member came up and advised, “John, that was great! You need to do more with that dog.”

Which, of course, he did. Hank, the bumbling self-proclaimed head of ranch security, became one of the most endearing and enduring figures in western literature. About 10 million Hank books have been sold.

Paperback, 5×8″, 126 pages.