My Country, God’s Country

My Country, God’s Country


“My Country, God’s Country” By Charles Russell

This book features characters from Charlie’s  previous novel, When the Cactus Blooms.

            Charlie has developed quite a following in Abilene and elsewhere because he creates characters that readers like and identify with. Most of his novels are set on ranches in New Mexico and West Texas.

The new book focuses on ranch woman/community leader Luta Sager and her ailing husband, Gavin, as they try to hold on to the ranch that has been in her family for a hundred years.

Their grandson, Eric, has grown up and become a fine young man, but now he faces new challenges in his love life and career choices.

Meanwhile, school superintendent Frank Mendenhall has to confront an upheaval in his own family while dealing with pressing school concerns.

In an author’s note, Charlie writes, “Each novel continues to portray a strong faith as the catalyst that propels us through the most difficult times. My ultimate wish is that when you read the last page of a story I have told, you close the book and smile.”

Paperback, 414 pages. Autographed.

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