Tenzi Dice Game

Tenzi Dice Game


This colorful tube of 40 dice is a superb game for all ages!

Winner of the Best Toys for Kids Award, the primary object of the game is to be the first player to get all 10 of your dice to show the same number.

However, there are many variations on the game, detailed on the enclosed information card. For instance, in addition to original Tenzi, there is Tenzi Tower, Splitzi, Team Tenzi, Stealzi, Timed Tenzi, Twisted Tenzi, and more! Or … it’s just as much fun to make up your own game.

Although the label says for ages 7 to 97, we know from experience that even younger children can play a simplified version. (Not intended for children under 3). For 2-4 players. Or, purchase multiple packages and the entire family can play!

The game comes in assorted, wonderful colors.