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Texas CooksBy Glenn Dromgoole

The prolific cookbook publisher, Gooseberry Patch, has included recipes from three Abilene residents in its All-Time-Favorite Recipes from Texas Cooks, a very approachable and affordable hardback, spiral-bound cookbook for just $13.95.

Many of the 175 recipes are covered in a half page or one page and seem pretty easy to produce.

I was thumbing through the book when a recipe titled “Easy Taco Soup” caught my eye. My kind of thing, with ground beef, several cans of veggies, and a few other ingredients. And then I noticed it was credited to Carie VanCleave of Abilene.

I found two other recipes from Abilene cooks – Lisa Herold’s “Ham & Olive Roll-Ups” and Pauline Raens’s “German Chocolate Pie.” Great!

The book includes 20 appetizers, 22 breakfast and bread recipes, 48 main courses, 21 soups, and 29 desserts, plus others. Thirty-five of the dishes are featured in color photographs in the middle of the book.

Come by Texas Star Trading Company and take a look. Might make a nice birthday or wedding gift.

For example, one cook wrote about her enchilada casserole, “This was one of the first dishes I learned to make as a newlywed. My husband said he’s like to kiss the person who taught it to me.” Hopefully, he kissed the cook instead!